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Come and find out more about AnyNest by joining our online webinar at 1pm on Thursday 20 January 2022.
Meet the team and hear more about how we can help you buy your first home. To register please email

AnyNest is a not-for-profit organisation who support people to own their own homes of their choice through shared ownership.  Our operational partner, to help deliver our service, is Co-Ownership who have helped over 30,000 families and individuals over the past 40 years to buy their own home in Northern Ireland.  Co-Ownership provides their technology and operational expertise to support AnyNest to process applications.

AnyNest is our shared ownership plan. In a nutshell, we buy a place together. You buy the share that you can afford (between 25% and 75%) and we cover the rest. But don’t worry, you can still treat it as your home.

So how does it work? You will need to have a small deposit saved up (but not as much as you would need to buy all of your home without AnyNest’s support). You simply pay the mortgage on your share, and pay us rent on our share. Your monthly payments will be similar to what they would be if you were renting, but now your monthly payments are working for you.

Over time, as you become more able, you can increase your share in the property bit-by-bit, until you own it all. If you do decide to sell your home and move on, you can sell your home to anyone on the open market. You will benefit from any increase in the house price on your share and we will benefit in the same way on our share.