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There are 2 stages of payment for the AnyNest fee:

  • Application Fee: £100 is payable when you apply and we assess your financial position. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Property Assessment Fee: £500 is payable when you input your chosen property information. This fee includes your valuation fee.
You will provide a monthly mortgage payment to your lender based on your share of the property and pay monthly rent on the AnyNest share of your property. The monthly rental payment is described below.

You have the option to choose when your direct debit for payment is set up. This can be either the 1st or the 10th of each month. Your rent will be adjusted based on any changes made following the annual review each April.

Rental Payments

The amount you pay to AnyNest each month is based on the value of your home and the portion of your share. The annual rent fee is currently 4.89% of the value of the AnyNest share of your property. For e.g. if the property is valued at £200,000 and your share is 50% (£100,000) of the property, the annual rent to AnyNest is £4,890 or £408 per month.

  • Rent is chargeable from the day of legal completion of the month you become an AnyNest customer
  • You will also be required to pay for contents insurance
  • We will charge you an annual amount which will be spread equally across your twelve monthly rent payments. This small annual recharge is to cover the buildings insurance of your home.
  • Any ground rent due on your home will be added to your monthly rent.
  • Your rent is reviewed annually in April in line with the Consumer Price Index plus 0.25%. If following review, your rent is amended, we will let you know in advance. Rent is to be paid via direct debit.

The table illustrates the amount of monthly rent you can expect to pay based on the value of your chosen property and the share you wish to purchase. For the full rent table please click here.

Schedule of Fees

Please note that these fees will be charged by AnyNest, and are separate to any fees charged by the mortgage lender and conveyancer

  • Application Fee – charged for a single or joint application and is paid when an application is submitted for assessment – £100
  • Property Assessment Fee – charged when the customer uploads the details of a “sale agreed” property, triggering an eligibility assessment of the property and leading to a valuation and condition survey – £500
  • Valuation fee – charged for each instance of staircasing (part or full buyout) & property sales – £175. Please note that the total valuation cost is £350, this being split 50/50 between AnyNest and the customer
  • Annual Service Charge (covering buildings insurance) – actual charge will be dependent on AnyNest’s group policy costs. This service charge is a monthly fee and is based on cost recovery only (no profit to AnyNest)
  • Small Claims Court Costs – cost recovery from customer on a case by case basis

These fees will be reviewed from time to time during the course of your lease and are subject to change without notice. Please refer to for the current schedule of fees.

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