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Come and find out more about AnyNest by joining our online webinar at 1pm on Thursday 20 January 2022.
Meet the team and hear more about how we can help you buy your first home.
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What is shared ownership or equity sharing?

Shared Ownership, otherwise known as equity sharing means that we buy a house together. This means that you will buy between 25-75% of the purchase price and we’ll cover the rest. From the moment you move in, it’s your home to hang pictures, paint walls or get pets.

You pay us rent every month as well as your mortgage. If you want to, over time you can increase your share until you eventually are able to purchase our share of property from us, meaning you will own 100%.

Do I need a deposit to buy the property?

You will need a deposit, probably of at least £5,000 for your mortgage. If we think you may be able to save for a deposit for a full mortgage, you may not be suitable for AnyNest.

I’m struggling to save for a deposit.

We understand that saving for a deposit can be hard. Download our excel budget planner to help you work out how much you are spending each month, how much money you have left and how much you could potentially save. Click here to download